About Honiran Co.

This collection has over thirty years of experience working on the side of beekeeping and beekeepers in the production and distribution of professional equipment required by traditional approaches to the refining beeswax Now using new methods and automated processing of beeswax able to supply the best quality products and derivatives beeswax is , production and supply is suitable for a large number of bee-keeping equipment Includes a variety of new and high-quality materials Now all beekeepers can more efficiently and easily while working in the apiary these items are reasonably priced and easy to prepare anywhere in Iran.


Products Honiran

  • محصول قرمز
    Red Product
  • لباس زنبورداری
    Beekeeping clothing
  • جعبه زنبورداری
    Bee boxes
  • آب پاش زنبورداری
    Sprinkler beekeepers

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